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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2005|01:20 pm]
[music |Rage Against the Machine]

Anyone have a drum kit they want to sell me?
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Alien [Sep. 2nd, 2005|11:16 pm]
[music |Rage Against the Machine]

New Green Machine song.

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Death List Five [Sep. 1st, 2005|12:31 am]
[music |Sneak up and hit you like a FUCKING TORNADO]

Link to LoveCollapse )
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classes [Aug. 22nd, 2005|03:25 pm]
[music |Sublime - Date Rape]

1st/2nd semester-

- Physics A - Davis
- World Lit AA- Terry Carlson
- AP Art AA- Deluca
- Psychology A- Compton
- Spanish 3A- Attisha
- IntgMath 3A - ?? (D104)

comment if we have any classes together
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We should give all our love to each other. Not this hate that destroys. [Aug. 18th, 2005|11:50 pm]
[music |Thin Lizzy, Hole, Metallica, Weezer]

24 Hour Party. Everyday All day.Collapse )

New house in Flordia. Spring Break, Winter Break, and next Summer are gonna be the shit.

Sometimes I wonder what drives people to do what they do. Say what they say. I can only wonder what lies in the heart of others, as I watch and sigh.
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Stupid [Jul. 18th, 2005|12:49 am]
[music |Jay Z]

the stupidest thing someone can do, is go to a conerct and wear a t-shirt that has the name of the band that they're going to see.
you're at their concert, we know you like them.

Lightning struck my garage door two days ago. Now we can't get the cars out without pulling it up manually. Truely this is hell.
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they say be careful what you wish for [Jul. 5th, 2005|09:30 pm]
[music |andy milonakis, anthrax]

When forturne smiles on such a thing as revenge, it seems to be proof that not only does god exist, but you're doing his will.

1. Pierce your nose or tongue? nose
2. Be serious or be funny? funny
3. Boxers or briefs? boxers
4. Whole or skim milk? neither, milk makes your hormones all fucked
5. Single or Taken? single
6. Simple or complicated? lately, very complicated
7. Law or anarchy? law
8. Flowers or angels? angels
9. Grey or gray? gray
10. Read or write? write when i have the attention span
11. Color or black-and-white photos? extremly colorful
12. Sunrise or sunset? thats a tough one. sunrise i guess.
13. M&M's or Skittles? skittles
14. Rap or rock? I like to listen to rap more, I like to play rock more
15. Stay up late or wake up late? both
16. TV or Radio? movies
17. Is it POP or SODA? pop, go back to flordia, faggot
18. X or O in Tic-tac-toe? O
19. Eat an apple or an orange? kiwis the best, but orange is good
20. What came first the chicken or the egg? the egg
21. Hot or Cold? cold
22. Tall members of the opposite sex or short?  shorter than me, which is almost everyone
23. Sun or moon? moon. but the sun has more importance i suppose
24. Emerald or ruby? emerald is a much cooler color
25. Left or right? left
26. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 10 best friends
27. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? vanilla
28. High or Drunk? High
29. Green beans or carrots? green beans
30. Low fat or fat free? fat free
31. What is your biggest fear in the world? fire, water, heights, serial killers, ghosts. im a pussy
32. Kids or no kids? negative, i have too many siblings to want kids
33. Cat or dog? I have both, but i want a tiger when I'm older, so i guess cats.
34. Half empty or half full? half empty, get over it.
35. Mustard or ketchup? mustard
36. Hard cover books or soft cover books? hard cover
37. Newspaper or magazine? magazine
38. Sandals or sneakers? "sneakers"
39. Wonder or amazement? amazement
40. Red car or white car? red
41. Happy and poor or sad and rich? happy and poor
42. Singing or dancing? singing
43. Hugging or Kissing? hugging
44. Corduroy or plaid? plaid
45. Happy or sad? happy
46. Purple or green? purple
47. Acoustic Guitar or Electric? electric for sure
48. Band or Orchestra? orchestra sounds cooler
49. Boys or Girls? girls, faggot
50. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? lifetime of hot sex
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(no subject) [Jul. 2nd, 2005|08:44 pm]
[music |tupac]

premade ice cream cones- the progession of human laziness
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Ain't that fresh. [Jul. 1st, 2005|11:53 am]
[music |RJD2, Guns N' Roses]

I've been dreaming dreams of wisdom and screams,
Dark Knights and gun fights ain't exactly as it seems,
Big chords and gorcery stores, now aint that fresh,
Freedom and liberty is starting to smell like hot death.
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2005|12:29 pm]
[music |Mest, Nancy Sinatra, Alkaline Trio]

it finally set in. that feeling that school is the worst thing ever, and the thoughts of amazment at how i got through the school year, when clearly, summer is much, much better.

my daily routine is uber fuffilling, waking up at 10, playing dreamcast till 2 and then going out until 11:30.

might I add that Sonic Adventure is one of the funnest things ever.

i've been writing alot of new songs latlely, which is good.

I really should be getting started on my AP art assignment for the summer, but I'm kinda lazy. There will be plenty of time for that in the future.

until next time.

P.S.: everyone should go out and buy the following new CDs:
Alkaline Trio- Crimson
Millencolin- Kingwood
Mindless Self Indulgence- You'll rebel against Anything
Gorillaz- Demon Days
The White Stripes- Get Behind Me Satan
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